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Mar. 16th, 2013

I keep wanting to post a fic I wrote in the holidays, but lj is being a boob and not working properly! I can't even use enter for some reason!

I started watching Supernatural at the beginning of the year by borrowing a friend's dvd and I got through the first season over the 10 weeks of a school term, then borrowed the 2nd season in about July, watched a couple of eps then left it until now. I felt so bad for having my friend's dvd for pretty much half the year and so I decided I'd either watch it or just return it. So I watched it and now I'm completely hooked. My sister who'd turned her nose up at it before saw it and started watching and we're both so addicted. I'm supposed to be studying for the exams after the holidays and catching up on notes, but it's such a good show I probably won't get work done until this weekend (the days before I go back to school), and I don't really care.

I need a spn icon now. I'll probably search for one rather than do any school work. Ah well.

Sherlock and Bradley James cosplay

A couple of months ago my school had a charities day where the students in their last year hold stores and everyone dresses up to a theme. This year the theme was 'obsessions'. It was hard to choose which obsession to dress up as, but eventually my friend and I picked Sherlock and John!

Sherlock cosplayCollapse )

A couple weeks after charitites day a friend had a party with the theme of b, so naturally I dressed up as Bradley James! I actually got snogged a number of times while wearing the mask!

Bradders cosplayCollapse )

More real life posts

I mentioned previously that I've got work experience this year and since then I've gotten a placement. I got into a local university's museum of ancient cultures. I'm been over their website and I'm really looking forward to it! This extract from the website explains the things I'll get to do:
'Students carry out general office duties, help with administration, and may do some research via the web or the Library. They are shown how to handle artefacts correctly, are given some of the basic principles of design and exhibition layout, attend the Education Program to develop their skills of observation and deduction as well as develop their people skills by meeting and interacting with staff, students, other work experience students and members of the public.'
TLDR; really groovy things.


I hadn't realised how long it's been since I've posted on livejournal! I've been busy with school, but the term only has a fortnight left now. I should probably be working on an assignment or applying to places for work experience at the moment, but I've decided they can wait (whether that decision was good or not I'll see later).

Since last posting I've started a new school year which has meant more work (oh the joy), but also we got to go on camp this year! Admittedly I was incredibly apprehensive about the whole thing; the mosquitos sounded terrifying and the activities just as bad - one being a giant swing in which you get pulled up 15m by a rope (in a harness) and then have to pull another bit of rope to disconnect you from it and do a free-fall swinging combination. Despite any doubts I had beforehand, camp was fantastic! It's one of my favourite camps I've ever been on! Although I'm glad we weren't there for longer than the 3 days. We got to build rafts and race them (ours would have won if we hadn't been sabotaged by our sinking peers), go on a huge flying fox and have a disco, which was a lot more fun than it sounds (I was disappointed though that they didn't play stayin' alive).

This year also means work experience. I'm not really sure where to go, but I've applied to a local book store and a museum. I've asked my commerce teacher for a list of possible workplaces as well. This should be interesting.

On a fandom note, I really enjoyed watching series 3 of Whitechapel. Kent's crush on Chandler is so obvious now! I really hope they'll go somewhere with it next series! I think the new format of the show has worked well and it'll be interesting to see how they do the next series.

Happy holidays!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope everyone has a great holiday season and brilliant new year!

Writer's Block: Starstruck

I've 'met' James O'Connor (the lovely rugby player in my icon) twice. Or rather I shouted about my love for him on one occasion and got a photo with him the second. He was very embarrassed the first time and charming the second (I think that he might have been a little more apprehensive if he'd rememebered me at all).

Have you ever met anyone famous?
I'm thoroughly enjoying all this rugby! On Saturday, Australia plays South Africa in the quarter finals. It's all so exciting!

Being New Zealand, though, they've had some crazy weather! This Wild Weather in Wellington vid of an interview pretty much explains it and shows the gale like winds! The players all look so cold! 5 minutes in is hilarious! James and Quade's bromance is the funniest and cutest thing ever! They're best friends and are always hanging out together!

There's also this photo gallery full of adorable pictures of the players in their many layers! These photos remind me of something...

More photos under the cutCollapse )

Hello again

Wow, so I haven't posted anything since July, but I'm back! Has anyone been watching the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand? It's been great so far! The Wallabies won against Italy and James O'Connor played an amazing game after being suspended for disciplinary reasons. England has decided to wear black jerseys which I thought was incredibly weird! Speculation is that it's to rile up the All Blacks (which I think is going to work). The Wallabies play again on Saturday and there seems to be a million matches in between now and then which is great! Everytime I turn on the telly there's a match being played! :D 


James and dog by Nekochi_life

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